Two pieces of microfiction, originally written for Emily Carr University's Woo Publication:

On Leaving (2020)

    “Can I tell you a story about boats?”
    I glanced at the clock over his shoulder, subtle, so as not to depress him. It was only half
past eight.
    “Sure,” I said. “We have time.”
    He leaned closer to me, elbows on the diner table, an unusual seriousness taking him
over. Then again, so much had changed about him, perhaps this new attitude wasn’t that strange
at all.

Teeth (2019)

The first sign that things were going wrong was when my teeth began falling out.
    “That’s strange,” said the doctor. “Are you drinking your milk?”
    “Yes,” I replied (although, without my teeth, it sounded more like “Yeth”).
    “Well, are you perhaps teething? Are you secretly an infant?”
    “No. I am thirty-seven years old.” This I knew with confidence.
    “Well then!” she threw her hands up in frustration. “I just don’t know what’s happening. Go home and get some rest maybe.”

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